Peter "Spud" Siegel

You've found the future Internet portal to all things Peter "Spud" Siegel, multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter. Based in Portland, Oregon, Spud, mostly on his mandolin, provides musical entertainment of a variety of genres, including Bluegrass, Latin, Celtic, and a crowd-pleasing melange we like to call Beachgrass.

Soon, you'll be able to download music samples, purchase CD's, book Spud (and, depending on availabilty, his various bandmates) for your own event, then download posters to advertise, when appropriate. He and his cohorts are available to play virtually any type of venue and event -- clubs, farmers' markets, weddings, private parties, etc.

If you're in a rush, you may Email Spud right now to ask what he's got under his hat that will fit your needs, or check out his Facebook page and send him a message. Meanwhile (and for those who are looking for a good time, and great music), here's where you can find Spud -- be sure to say "Hi!" 

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